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A story of two worlds united



Aymê was founded in 2020 by Brazilian entrepreneur Amanda Menezes, who grew up by the beaches in Rio de Janeiro and in 2018 moved to Italy for love. She has Post-Graduation diploma in International Relations, and worked at Brazilian Foreign Ministry, City Council and United Nations Sustainable Development events in Brazil. After leaving her home in Rio, Amanda studied Italian in Milan and tried jobs in big companies in the city, but there was nothing she was passionated about. She decided to create the opportunity for herself. 


Amanda realized there was a big market for summerwear in Milan, a sector that was not enough explored given its position far away from the sea and its cold temperature for a big part of the year. 


Amanda used to work organizations involved with environmental and woman’s issues, and Ayme unites all this elements: 


Brazilian know-how in summer fashion, tropical colours and design,  Italian passion for beauty, and a consciousness about woman challenges and environment. Aymê works with innovative eco-friendly fabrics, besides giving work to woman in vulnerability. 


Welcome to our sisterhood! 

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